With a project that focuses on sustainability, MVRDV has been awarded first prize in an international competition to design a new mixed-use center in Shenzhen‘s Universiade New Town.

When completed, the Shenzhen Terraces project will form the core of the thriving university neighbourhood, acting as a new three-dimensional urban living room with more than 20 programs, including a small gallery, library, and outdoor theatre.

MVRDV’s Shenzhen Terraces aims to bring vitality and innovation to the area through an integration of landscape, leisure, commerce, and culture.

Located in the heart of the Longgang district at the meeting point of high-rise housing, commercial complexes, and sports and educational facilities, the site is located to serve as a defining public space within the region.

The central concept of Shenzhen Terraces is to merge the existing landscape with the new development by using stacked plateaus for its various buildings.

Combining a pedestrian-friendly landscape with a mixture of functions and public transport, Shenzhen Terraces is hoping to become a sustainable hub for the surrounding area.

The abundant planting and water features reduce the local temperature and provide habitat for urban wildlife, while gardens and rainwater collection generate food and water resources.

The concrete used in the buildings themselves will be made using recycled concrete as the aggregate, and photovoltaic panels will adorn extensive portions of the rooftops.