A cornerstone of new masterplanned community developments is the intertwining of green spaces amongst contemporary buildings that carry an array of modern features and to improve the living quality of their occupants. With new research pieces outlining that green spaces within urban settings are crucial to our wellbeing, it's important that this trend of plantations and manmade structures continue to co-exist.

A recent study published within the International Journal of Epidemiology has discovered that green spaces and mental health are intrinsically linked. Noting that, substantial green spaces in neighborhood’s are vital for reducing loneliness in residents and in turn, have a positive impact on the health of Australian’s, including reducing the risk of depression, heart disease, inflammation, dementia and death. 

Aoyuan Group’s new community Mesa Hurstville is no stranger to creating city dwelling communities with an ecosystem designed with the concept of social sustainability in mind. A project located in the ever-growing region of Sydney’s south, Mesa Hurstville is a community built on the mantra that green spaces hold the key to happier, more fulfilled communities. 

The developer reached out to Turner Architects to formulate plans for the buildings throughout the community, including the new Mesa Hurstville project in Hurstville,which has been carefully designed with the idea of social sustainability in mind. Nick Turner says he envisions community members feeling like they are coming home to a place of solitude upon arrival.

‘’We want apartment owners to feel that they are coming home to a sanctuary – a sanctuary that has a genuine and authentic sense of community,” he says.

“So, as a result, the apartments are environmentally comfortable, with great light and great aspects, and a clear connection between internal and external spaces. The diversity of communal areas and terraces throughout the development also help to foster that sense of community - it’s a very positive and healthy lifestyle.”

mesa hurstville apartment render

Mesa Hurstville comprises four multi-storey buildings, each differing in its characterisation, height and style, to appeal to all walks of life. The design layout is in line with Feng Shui principles, a calming palette, and the layout instinctively flows inside-to-out in just the right way. Most apartments boast stunning vistas either long-distance across the district, or overlooking the bustling central parkland. Mesa offers a wide selection of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments to account for singles, couples, families and retirees that may choose to reside in the area.

A massive public park and plaza is placed at the centre of the development, which contains a rich, densely planted green setting that harks back to the site’s forest history with various amenities circling the perimeter. ‘Snack Street’ is Mesa’s very own dining destination, directly inspired by the bustling atmosphere of Hong Kong street food and Asian cuisine.  

Mesa Hurstville was launched this year by Aoyuan International, with the development coming soon. To find out more, visit mesahurstville.com.au.