Australia’s growing community, Woodlea, has launched its third sales and discovery centre, titled the Woodlea Hub.

An initiative to future-proof the commercial building has seen its design adaptable to transform into a childcare centre in five years’ time, aiming to minimise waste and its impact on the environment.

Designed by McCabe Architects and Bailey Studio, the architecturally designed precinct is inspired by durable materials and sustainable elements such as recycled timber and solar panels.

The hub has been designed to be a place of gathering for the community, including a social enterprise café, a children’s activity centre and surrounding playground, and an exhibition.

Michael McCabe, director of McCabe Architects, says, “Woodlea’s natural surroundings played a huge part in informing the design; coupled with the estate’s spirited sense of community, the results are welcoming, sophisticated and aspirational.

“The repurposing of buildings is not only cost-effective, but minimises waste and impact on the environment.”

Woodlea currently has over 5,000 residents, with its number to grow rapidly.