The masterplan for Victoria’s first 10-star home has been unveiled, promising to deliver a “zero energy bill future” for residents once complete.

The 10-star home – aptly named 10 Star Home – will form part of a sustainable development precinct in Cape Paterson. Currently, the residential plot comprises a suite of “energy-positive” 8-star homes that generate more energy than they consume.

The 220-home estate was conceived by a group of ethical property investors in collaboration with energy-efficiency experts in a bid to increase the stock of affordable, sustainable housing in the state. 10 Star Home will build upon the existing zero-energy framework of the existing site with further initiatives to improve on energy, water and thermal efficiency.

Masterplans for the three-bedroom residence include a high-performance “sealed envelope”, which will dramatically reduce air exchange within the building. Thermal mass concrete floors will be applied to absorb the sun’s heat and provide passive heating and cooling in winter and summer respectively.

Reverse brick veneer construction and “highly-insulated” slab walls and ceiling will rely on “phase-change material” insulation technology. This innovation further contributes to the home’s thermal efficiency; by superseding the need for extraneous heating and cooling appliances, it makes the achievement of zero energy bills possible.

“The Cape’s approach to passive solar home design and energy has set the bar for greenfield estates in Australia, and shows all home buyers what they should be asking for from their builders and housing developers,” says Damien Moyse, a policy and research manager for the Alternative Technology Association.

“Clever design, solar power and energy-efficient fitout means Australians can have great comfort in better performing homes, and tiny annual energy bills.”