Copenhagen studio Leth & Gori used exposed clay blocks and raw plywood to create a maintenance-free interior for this house in Nyborg, Denmark.

Titled ‘Brick House’, the home is part of an initiative by philanthropic organisation Realdania to build six affordable residences in Nyborg, each by a different architect and each taking a different approach to sustainability.

Leth & Gori’s conceived their sustainable house by utilising materials historically proven to be hardy and with a long life span.

The architects created the exterior walls from brick, while insulating clay blocks line the interior and have been left exposed in selected areas.

Bare plywood lines the walls and ceiling above the exposed clay blocks, and has been treated with a UV-protective sealant to preserve its colour.

By using a reduced number of structural materials and in turn fewer joints between the materials, the architects believe the number of potential construction mistakes and problems for the house can be minimised.

The house is said to require zero maintenance for the first 50 years, and has a minimum life span of 150 years.

Courtesy Dezeen