Lego, dreams and virtual worlds empower people with tools to create their own environments - this is what architecture ought to be.

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels has released a video detailing his architectural philosophy and his ideal world where architecture transforms surreal dreams into reality.

Ingels begins by highlighting his inspiration for his self-proclaimed style of architecture – what he calls ‘promiscuous hybrids’.

 “Today buildings have been reduced to containers of space; boring and boxy,” he explains.

“Our choices today settle with reaffirming the status quo by replicating what’s already there rather than what could happen next.”

“I want to change that.”

In explaining his quest to “crystalise dreams into concrete reality”, Ingels refers to the movie Inception and the ability of architects to produce buildings that are merely fantastical concepts or dreams to some. The virtual world of ‘Minecraft’, and the popular kids toy Lego also earn a mention, and Ingels explains how he used their cultural resonance as concept inspiration for his projects.

The video below includes the concepts behind some of the more famous works from his firm, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and how they subverted design status quos.