Kaunitz Yeung Architecture has received 2 prestigious International Architectural Awards for their work in delivering state of the art health and public space buildings to remote Indigenous communities.

The awarded projects are the walu-win rehabilitation wellbeing centre in Orange Western NSW and the Munipi Arts Centre on Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands, 80km north of Darwin.

Both projects focused on the delivery of culturally sensitive, holistic and appropriate spaces for Aboriginal people and the wider community and were delivered within a tight budget (AUD$800K and $1.2M respectively), which when combined with their remote locations required restraint and forethought.

Director David Kaunitz said, “We believe best practice buildings should be available to all Australians and we are thrilled these projects have been recognised in such a prestigious, international environment.

“Good buildings are not possible without great clients. These projects are the culmination of all we have learnt from working with Indigenous and remote communities over the past decade and show what is possible from true collaboration with Aboriginal people.

“We take the time to listen to our clients and stakeholders without preconceptions. We do not prejudge their perspectives.

"By making a genuine effort to incorporate all perspectives, unique architecture is formed, architecture that is contextualised to people, place and culture, architecture with an inherent relevance.”

 Kaunitz Yeung Architecture have built a strong reputation in collaborating with communities, stakeholders and end users to produce internationally recognised architecture within modest budgets that places people at the centre of buildings.