The humble door – a single panel attached to a frame by two hinges, swings in and swings out, locks and unlocks. How else can it be improved, right?

Wrong, as Austrian artist Klemens Torggler’s radical redesign of the door proves.

Called the Evolution Door, Torggler’s version is skinned in fabric and features four triangular sections that elegantly collapse in on themselves when pushed, rotating so that they straighten back up into a rectangle.

Two halves of the door are attached by pivots at the bottom and top of the frame, as well as via a hinge in the middle. By gently pulling at the joint that connects the two middle panels together, the door folds and slides across the entrance as though made of paper.

Torggler describes his four panel creation as a ‘flip panel door’, and says it is currently just a prototype. He has experimented with glass, wood and metal, and even created larger double doors and screens to separate entire rooms.

Several of his kinetic doors are available through Artelier Contemporary.