World-leading fire detection brand VESDA was first introduced in the 1980s in Melbourne, Australia, with the aspirating smoke detection technology completely revolutionising the way the world protected life, business continuity and irreplaceable assets.

Xtralis has once again reset the benchmark for reliable, high-performance detection with the VESDA-E, a new generation platform developed and released from Melbourne, Australia. The VESDA-E has achieved ActivFire listing, passing stringent testing by CSIRO.

According to Xtralis SVP Product Management - Safety, Richard Taylor, VESDA has long been the industry benchmark for high performance, high reliability early warning detection systems with over 450,000 installations in more than 35 applications across 30 market segments ranging from semiconductor cleanrooms to coalmines. The new VESDA-E is the outcome of Xtralis’ nearly 30 years of VESDA experience and represents an unprecedented leap in aspirating smoke detector performance.

Mr Taylor explains that the VESDA-E development was focussed on providing superior performance and functionality, while reducing both capital installed cost and total cost of ownership for the system, benefiting their channel partners, installers, and end-users alike. Xtralis is confident that VESDA-E will see deployment in applications and markets previously inaccessible to aspirating smoke detection systems.

Per Olsson, Managing Director of Olsson Fire, one of the largest fire engineering consulting firms in the Australasia region said he was particularly impressed with the innovative new software analytics, distinguishing between substances such as dust and burning PVC cable, which not only improves the effectiveness of VEW smoke detection, but also opens up new applications for this type of detector.

Observing that the ability to detect dust or diesel exhaust and initiate extraction fans, open dampers and notify site personnel to the potential hazard is of great value in OH&S, Per Olsson said that the iVESDA mobile application enabled by embedded Wi-Fi connectivity will allow facility managers and system integrators to manage detectors from anywhere, speeding up response when needed and optimising service calls.

VESDA-E is the next-generation of VESDA, the world’s leading ASD system. While current-generation VESDA was considered the benchmark for ASD systems, VESDA-E surpasses VESDA with 15 times greater sensitivity to smoke and double the longevity while maintaining sensitivity over its lifetime, all with up to 8% less power consumption.

VESDA-E can quickly add monitoring, servicing, and detection capabilities using bolt-on hardware modules called VESDA Stax, including a version of its award-winning ECO gas detection solution. The Stax modules do not require re-engineering of the smoke detection pipe network.

Key advantages of VESDA-E include superior setup, configuration, monitoring, and connectivity options; and innovative, downloadable Xapp software applications enabling new, on-demand monitoring services. These applications include WireTraceXapp to isolate threats from overheating cables and electrical wires, DieselTraceXapp for monitoring diesel smoke trends to enable on-demand ventilation systems, and DustTraceXapp for monitoring dust conditions and enabling corrective response to take place with ventilation.

The VESDA-E detector can be monitored on popular tablets using an iVESDA application.