Leading Australian business products and services supplier Staples has launched Business Interiors by Staples, their new globally sourced office furniture division.

For 28 years, Staples has built a reputation delivering innovative contemporary work environments across a range of industries including education, financial services, government, hospital and aged care. Business Interiors by Staples takes this service and expertise to the next level by offering a hand-picked range of sophisticated commercial furniture products from brands such as Thinking Works, Allsteel, HON, Paustian, Rosetto, Gaber, Woodmark and Sinetica.

Business Interiors by Staples has also entered the online space with a new website to cater to the needs of customers from all over Australia. Featuring a virtual showroom for its impressive product portfolio, the website contains case studies and full information on the brand to familiarise potential customers with the company’s capabilities.

According to Jarad Nass, General Manager, Business Interiors by Staples, the specialist furniture division sources premium product brands, which have a low impact on the environment, are cost effective and are readily available without compromising on design, look or functionality. Pieces made from materials that provide a long lifecycle, reduce environmental waste and help customers reduce their carbon footprints are acquired for the showroom.

Business Interiors by Staples embraces changes in working style, letting current and future trends drive process when designing working environments. For example, office design has in recent years experienced a shift from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a more dynamic activity-based collaborative model. As open-plan offices grow in popularity, separate offices and cubicles are being phased out and replaced with linear or POD desk arrangements featuring low or no screens. Many of Business Interiors’ customers are thinking about how technology can work with furniture to encourage greater collaboration amongst employees.

The team also focusses on the use of soft furnishings and textiles to create the look, feel and workplace culture desired by the client. Vibrant colours are often chosen to stimulate sensory input and achieve a warm and inviting space that can inspire creativity and enhance productivity.

Top five tips when designing a new office space

1. Review and understand the needs of your employees

2. Understand the current working styles within your business

3. Select new furniture that will make a positive impact and differentiate from previous working environments

4. Balance function with aesthetics

5. Keep it simple with clean lines and design

Business Interiors by Staples provides its customers with an in-house team of experts in sustainable office design who can offer advice on space planning, project management, design concept, installation and inventory management.

To meet the growing need of companies seeking a greener office space, Business Interiors by Staples offers a selection of products with Good Design Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) accreditations.