Clever storage solutions from Plyroom help homeowners organise their homes and apartments better without professional assistance or stress.

Plyroom offers smart storage solutions to help homeowners reclaim every room, nook and cranny within the home. Unlike built-in, permanently fixed wardrobes and cabinetry, Plyroom’s storage solutions are inherently versatile, freestanding, durable furniture pieces designed to effortlessly move between different rooms, spaces, houses or apartments, rising to the occasion when required.

Plyroom’s storage solutions are designed, made and hand-finished in Italy.

Plyroom founder Elise Heslop advises homeowners to choose versatile furniture that are not bound by task or destination, and can hold different things in different locations at different times. Storage that’s minimalist, organic and clean-line in design without visually or physically encroaching on space is recommended. Her tips include getting resourceful with storage solutions for under beds or coffee tables and seats incorporating storage; and also deploying clever and sculptural wall storage to optimise the use of all surfaces.

Plyroom’s 8 creative storage solutions for work, rest, relaxation and play


For the workspace at home, Plyroom offers the Studio Desk featuring three inbuilt drawers and made from European FSC Birch ply. Workspace can be freed up with a simple additional Me Nook attachment for the Ava Desk that can hold books, journals and treasured pens. Me Nook latches onto any Plyroom product edge.


The A4 Drawers are made from sustainably forested European Birch ply and finished by hand. Key features include low height design for ease of use, finely engineered connections for flat pack shipping or storage when not required, and simple single-tool assembly with a hammer. Under the bed storage is provided by the Trundle Drawer designed by Paolo Cogiliati and ideal for storing kids’ toys, games, sheets, blankets or a Plyroom junior mattress. The versatile Trundle Drawer is sized to fit under any of the three Plyroom beds.


The Pinketta cylindrical storage vessel could be used to house laundry awaiting a wash or towels or toilet rolls. Made from European Beech and elegantly detailed, Pinketta features a fun folding lid made of timber and comes in a choice of three sizes. The funky magazine holder, Mypil Magazine Stand is ideal for storing bathroom bare essentials including fluffy towels, face washers, scented candles and lotions. The evolving character of the design allows its use over time in a hallway or living space, or as a room divider.

Living room

Bellantonio Rotating Drawers combine a beautiful aesthetic with great storage. Designed as a delightful chest of drawers with a twist, this unit is made from bent natural beech with hidden castors allowing the Rotating Drawers to glide gracefully to any location. Position the Hang On near the front door to hold keys, jackets, umbrellas, hats or anything you may need on your way out.