Energy efficient LED lighting pioneer Phillips Lighting has introduced a new range of connected lighting solutions for homes, businesses and cities.

With the launch of the new connected lighting systems at the Light + Building show in Frankfurt, Philips has now further committed itself to taking lighting into a fully digital world with its latest technologies connecting people, places and devices in homes, at work and in cities across the world. 

Philips has launched a new light emitting office ceiling that supports the human body’s biorhythms and a clear 40W equivalent LED bulb. The new LED bulb combines the iconic beauty of the classic clear incandescent bulb updated with 21st century technology, and offers 85% energy savings over traditional bulbs.

Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting explains that the company is dramatically changing the way people experience and interact with light at home, at work and in their cities. Philips’ connected LED lighting will lead the world into a future where lighting innovations connect seamlessly with smart controls, networks, devices and apps to positively benefit and improve lives and drive new business value.

Connected homes

Philips is expanding its Hue personal wireless lighting system with the new Hue lux, a bright white-only version of Hue, which is fully controllable from a smartphone or tablet. Hue lux is compatible with existing Hue apps and hardware, making it one of the most intelligent white lights for the home.

Philips has also launched the world’s first 3D printed luminaire (lighting fixture) in two spectacular designs. Containing a Hue module, the Philips Hue 3D printed luminaires were created and manufactured using 3D printing and are controllable by a smart device.

Connected offices

Philips’ complete Power over Ethernet connected lighting system for offices gives workers smartphone control of their office lighting and building managers, new insights into building usage. The intelligent lighting system can incorporate sensors to provide anonymous occupancy and climate data for more efficient facilities management and energy savings, while giving office workers more control of their open plan environment, aiding comfort and productivity.

Connected cities

Philips launched the CityTouch light wave to help create safer and more energy efficient cities. Philips CityTouch allows streetlights to be instantly connected to a remote lighting management system over wireless GPRS networks instead of local RF networks, enabling swift and cost-effective deployment of connected street lighting for greater energy efficiency and control of lighting to meet local needs.