OZ Seals has introduced a new range of compact seals featuring a space-saving design.

Oz Seals has developed the new GS8BM with an advanced compact sealing profile that is particularly economical in its need for space. The compact design makes it ideal for sealing rods and rams with light to medium loads. The GS8BM enables cost-saving cylinder designs.

Key features of the GS8BM compact seals include a Wifflon U-ring with another elastomer part; sealing edge composed of Nitrile Rubber or Viton ensuring excellent sealing properties especially in the low pressure range; triple lubricated properties of Wifflon part ensuring low friction and reduced wear; and protection against gap extrusion ensuring a long service life.

The new GS8BM compact seals are recommended in the standard combination of Wifflon and Nitrile Rubber; however, other rubbers can also be used such as Aflas Extreme and Carbon-filled Teflon.

The particularly short installation length of the GS8BM compact seals allows easy fitting into groove type housings. Seals from the GS8BM series are approved to ISO 5597 standard.