Oz Seals introduces a new range of heavy duty, high density PTFE tapes for sealing gas pipe lines. PTFE tapes offer a multipurpose solution for effectively sealing all hydraulic fluids, water, gas and steam leaks.

Oz Pack 100 Gold from Oz Seals is an industrial quality PTFE tape designed to deliver a completely leak-free and reliable solution for sealing gas pipe lines. Featuring ten times the thickness of conventional PTFE tape, the Oz Pack 100 Gold only needs two wraps to seal.

The high tensile strength and non-hardening properties of the PTFE tape make it the safer solution. The high density of 100% pure PTFE, easy application and chemically inert characteristics combine to make it an essential repairman’s tool.

Key features and benefits of Oz Pack 100 Gold PTFE tape include very high density of pure Teflon particles providing excellent strength; only one overlapping layer required to effect a seal; non-hardening, easily mouldable sealant tape; easy installation with tape moulding into the thread; ability to withstand high pressure during assembly of thread connections; and chemically inert properties allowing application to any type of metal or plastic thread.

The Oz Pack 100 Gold is also heavy duty, non-aging and pliable, and is absolutely non-reactive with acids, alkalis, water, salt water, steam, solvents and gases such as hydrogen, propane, nitrogen, butane and ammonia.