Italian contemporary kitchen furniture maker Modulnova Design has entered the Australian market after establishing a reputation in Europe for ultramodern kitchen design.

Modulnova’s collection showcases clever and dynamic space and storage solutions created using a range of luxurious manmade and natural materials. Launched in 1988 by the renowned Presotto family in Italy, Modulnova is recognised for visual sophistication and elegance in kitchen design with a highly progressive approach to finishes. The Modulnova brand is well known for the use of materials ranging from cement resin and porcelain sheeting to natural stones, treated metals and oiled and stained timbers.

Cemento and Kerlite are two of the most popular finishes within the Modulnova range.

Cemento is a new resin technology that allows all surfaces to be coated in a 3mm liquid cement layer dried to a silky smooth, highly durable finish. Similar to natural cement, Cemento exhibits an industrial look with a high degree of texture and imperfection while providing a very functional, practical finish for a high traffic area such as the kitchen.

Kerlite is a lightweight porcelain slab material lighter than aluminium, more durable than stone and only 3mm thick. The multi-layered material can be used to create a sleek 1cm thick panel to deliver a uniform aesthetic for benches, sinks, drawers and doors. Kerlite is available in a vast choice of hues, and offers resistance against stains, scratches and fire.

Modulnova’s sleek cabinetry takes storage to a new level of functionality and aesthetics by providing sufficient space to conceal major appliances such as ovens and refrigerators as well as fully realising the concept of kitchen cabinetry as beautiful furniture.

Modulnova is one of the brands under The Nest 45 umbrella, a completely new approach to innovative Italian furniture design for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom housed in the impressive heritage-listed Design Precinct at Cockatoo Island.