One of Australia’s leading architectural firms, Turner is set to complete 10 major projects in Sydney by April 2015.

The projects combine residential, mixed-use and commercial buildings, for clients such as Payce, Becton and Lend Lease GPT, and include 1,920 apartments.

Residential developments ready for completion include the second stage of Divercity in Waterloo (Becton); Mascot Square (Atlas); George and Allen in Waterloo (Built); Como at Washington Park (Payce); Platinum at Victoria Park (Payce); Union in Balmain (Anka); the first stage of Otto in Rosebery (Capital Corporation), and McEvoy Street in Alexandria (Ambicam), as well as a commercial building at 3 Murray Rose, Olympic Park (Lend Lease GPT).

One of the latest Turner projects to reach completion is East Village for Payce at Victoria Park, fronting South Dowling Street, a vibrant suburb where the practice has designed the majority of residential and mixed use projects.

Principal of Turner, Mr Nick Turner looks forward to another strong year in 2015 as more projects kick-off and come to completion. According to Mr Turner, conditions are buoyant in the architectural and construction industry as new projects are approved across Australia, particularly in NSW.