Plyroom presents an aesthetically appealing and highly multifunctional collection of Italian designed and manufactured furniture inspired by the European way of living.

The Plyroom collection is designed to evolve and adapt to different spaces and stages of a person’s life wherein the furniture needs change over time.

Elise Heslop who spent 12 months living in an apartment in Italy with her family, and which became the basis for the Plyroom collection, shares her tips on selecting furniture pieces that will help maximise space and serve the user well over many years.

The Plyroom furniture collection includes dining/study tables, bedside/coffee tables, benches, rotating drawers, storage seats, hanging racks and hanging bookcases.

Visually light furniture

For furniture and spaces to work more efficiently with each other, it is important to use furniture that’s visually light in appearance. Constructed from 100 per cent European plywood, Plyroom furniture is pared back in form, without extraneous metal screws or joins. Available in a choice of water-based, non-toxic stains or natural stain, Plyroom retains its light and textured appearance without taking over a room.

A blank canvas

Selecting furniture made from the same material for use throughout the home introduces synergy and promotes an open, airy feel. Plyroom furniture’s clean lines and minimalist aesthetic allow the design, materiality and detailing to add interest without crowding the space. Plyroom effectively functions as a blank canvas, presenting an opportunity to introduce colours and texture through cushions, throws, art, plants and homeware to personalise a room.

A consistent narrative

Plyroom furniture facilitates a consistent narrative when chosen for the home or apartment by telling the same story across design, finish, colour and detailing, and also imparting a spacious feel.

Do more with less

Choosing furniture designed for multifunctional use will minimise the overall furniture requirement. Investing in better quality, well-designed furniture that can last many years is a smart and cost-effective strategy for building a beautiful and timeless collection over time.

Furniture that’s neither room nor function specific

Versatility in furniture design ensures the piece is not tied down to the space or one’s lifestyle. By evolving with the user’s changing lifestyle, furniture can avoid becoming obsolete. Furniture that can be applied in new ways in different locations is a great way to freshen up a space.

Clutter free spaces

Plyroom’s collection of smart storage solutions includes specifically designed storage receptacles and furniture that ingeniously incorporates storage space with other functions.

Keepsake quality

Inspired by the Italian culture of ‘generational permanence’, Plyroom offers furniture that’s engineered to be used every day and to last a lifetime. Selecting quality, functional furniture encourages everyday usage rather than sitting idle and wasting space.

Flat-pack appeal

Plyroom is delivered flat-packed and has a unique joinery system that makes for easy assembly into robust furniture. Plyroom furniture can also be dismantled easily and stores in minimal space.

All Plyroom products are available via Plyroom’s online store,, with delivery available Australia-wide from their Melbourne headquarters.