Seventy-five industry leaders came together for the first stage of the Queensland Government’s ConstructionQ initiative to create a blueprint for the future of the state’s construction industry.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander said the Industry Leaders workshop was an important first step on the path towards a 30-year vision for the industry’s future.

According to Mr Mander, the construction industry employs around a quarter of a million Queenslanders and is worth around $60 billion to the economy each year. He explains that the new initiative follows on from the commitment made by them during the elections to develop the industry as one of the four pillars of the economy.

He commented that unlike Labor that wanted to tie the industry up in red tape, the Government recognises the need for a strong plan to ensure the construction industry has a bright future and continues to be one of the key drivers of economic growth in the state.

The workshop held at QUT drew a broad cross-section of industry participants with builders joining architects, urban planners, engineers and tradies to identify key themes for the broader ConstructionQ forum to be held later this year.

Mr Mander explains ConstructionQ is about consulting the experts to find what the industry needs and how the Government can help make it happen. The workshop raised a number of issues including the need for greater collaboration between industry participants around factors such as education, training and workforce capability, and the need to embrace technology to remain competitive on a global scale.

Mr Mander said up to 350 industry representatives would come together in September to expand these key themes and produce a 30-year vision for the sector.