EXAIR has introduced new longer super ion air knives to their range.

The expanded EXAIR range is available from 60″ (1524mm) to a maximum length of 108" (2743mm), all available in a one-piece construction. The one-piece design ensures seamless airflow and eliminates the need to couple multiple short length air knives together. It also decreases overall height by ½″ making it more suitable for tight spaces.

EXAIR’s Super Air Knife product line offers an unmatched selection of materials and sizes from 3” to 108” in aluminium, and 303 and 316 stainless steel.

Highly efficient and adjustable, EXAIR's longer super ion air knives neutralise static electricity while blowing away dust and particulates from wide webs and printed surfaces, paper, plastics, wood, acrylic and three-dimensional shapes.

Key features include wide laminar airstream full of static-eliminating ions effective at high speeds and providing superior cleaning up to 6.1 metres away; poor print quality, dust attraction, tearing, jamming, and related equipment downtime eliminated from processes such as laminating, printing, routing and thermoforming; operating effectively down to 5 PSIG using a minimal amount of compressed air to entrain high volumes of surrounding room air; shockless design UL Component Recognised to US and Canadian safety standards; and no-moving parts design.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, the long super ion air knife is supplied with a factory installed plumbing kit to simplify connection to the plant’s compressed air system and obtain the best performance.