Australian building products company Brickworks Building Products has launched its new sustainability website designed as a dedicated online platform for all of their brands.

The new site, highlights the group’s sustainability initiatives as well as the environmental efficiencies of its comprehensive product range. The four sections focus on different aspects of the company’s operations and include Make, covering its production; Move, focussing on its packaging and processing; Use, detailing the energy efficiency and environmental benefits of its products; and Re-Use, elaborating on the recycling and reuse processes.

Comprehensive information is included on what Brickworks has done to improve its environmental performance, including the reduction of energy emissions, the commissioning of its state-of-the-art factory, the sustainability advantage awards received, land and development rehabilitation, and the group’s reduced reliance on town water and improvements to its products.

Brickworks’ new sustainability website also highlights how products from the Brickworks Building Products group can be used to improve the energy efficiency of a home as well as reduce the solar absorbance on a roof through site videos as well as access to detailed reports on energy efficiency testing of the products.

Over 20 case studies that detail how Brickworks Building Products is improving its products and processes, are also included in the website.

Brickworkds Building Products general manager for marketing Brett Ward explains that the new sustainability website has been designed to engage with customers by offering them an increased level of information to help them understand the benefits of various products and achieve their environmental targets and concerns, while highlighting Brickworks’ overall commitment as a business to a sustainable future.

Brickworks Building Products is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of bricks, pavers, masonry blocks, retaining wall systems, roof tiles, precast concrete panels, façade systems and landscaping products, with its stable of brands including Austral Bricks , Austral Masonry , Austral Precast , Nubrik, Bowral Bricks , Bristile Roofing , and Auswest Timbers.