Data analysis from job search engine SEEK shows the Design and Architecture industry experienced significant employment growth last year, with 70 per cent more new jobs reported for 2014 than 2013.

Growth was mostly concentrated on the eastern seaboard, with Queensland reporting a 58 per cent increase in architecture and design jobs from 2013. Victoria grew by 56 per cent, and New South Wales by 41 per cent.

Comparatively, the job market for South Australia only increased by 9 per cent, and there was a 7 per cent decline in Western Australia.

Managing Director of Melbourne’s Bespoke Recruitment, Kate Owens, attributes this growth to a surge in market confidence as practices and studios sought to secure staff on a permanent basis.

“We saw this across the range of companies from smaller private practices as well as larger commercial architecture practices. Previously, there was a heavy lean towards casual/contract staff in 2013,” Owens explains.

Architecture experienced the highest percentage of growth in terms of new jobs

More confidence, in turn, stemmed from higher demand, as stable interest rates allowed more home-owners to undertake renovations or up-size, says SEEK Managing Director Employment and Learning, Joe Powell.

“And residential property investment has been strong, which is likely influencing the significant increase we’ve seen in Architecture, Drafting and Interior Design,” Powell adds.

Some of the key growth sectors for Architecture and Design were multi-residential, private residential, mixed-use and retail. SEEK also reported growth in the commercial and hospitality furniture industries, both for locally made products and the distribution of imported goods.

Owens also notes that the Construction sector, which surged from 2013 to 2014 by 17 per cent, will benefit from Design and Architecture’s growth as projects are approved and commence on site in 2015.