Amicus Interiors recently completed an interior design project for the Sydney-based International Language School of Canada (ILSC), delivering an office space that encourages activity based working.

The new 1,300 square metre office fitout at the ILSC located at 540 George Street, Sydney, features a refreshed, new modern look with bright creative graphics exuding the warm friendly vibe of the growing ILSC team and its students.

Jason Flaming of the International Language School of Canada explains that having a space, which is both visually appealing and flexible, will set them apart from other learning facilities. By using bold graphics and vibrant colour, Amicus was able to bring to life the facility’s welcoming disposition.

Amicus worked with the ILSC team to design and construct a workspace that was bright, spacious and trendy for its expanding clientele. The interior design firm used its strong experience in delivering activity based workspaces to adapt the culture and collaborative educational environment of ILSC and create spaces that were multifunctional and flexible to the needs of their students.

According to Mr Andrew Holder, Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Interiors, the ILSC project gave them the opportunity to broaden their reach of collaborative working into the education sector from a predominantly office environment.

ILSC’s Jason Flaming added that Amicus has helped them achieve their goal to raise the bar in terms of a campus fitout.

Design highlights of the ILSC fitout include creative graphics in the computer labs; inter-tenancy staircase linking level six and seven; more collaborative breakout spaces for students and staff; focus on natural lighting to create a warm and friendly ambience; and space-efficient design allowing the school to accommodate the rising number of international students.