ECOPact, a low carbon concrete product range, has been unveiled this week by Holcim. The product is able to reduce the embodied carbon of buildings, infrastructure and homes.

With 20% of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions derived from the construction industry, sourcing sustainable building materials has become increasingly important. ECOPact is able to reduce embodied carbon by 30-60 percent, compared to the Australian National Life Cycle Inventory Database basecase.

The ECOPact range includes the option to achieve carbon neutrality. ECOPactZERO uses accredited carbon offsets through Climate Active to reduce embodied carbon by 100%. Other products in the range are able to also significantly reduce embodied carbon emissions of constructions.

George Agriogiannis, Holcim’s CEO, says the company has continued to look at solutions to carbon emissions within the construction industry, and believes that ECOPact is a product that can significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. 

“I am proud to announce our commitment to help our customers reduce the embodied carbon of concrete construction. We pride ourselves on being a solutions provider. ECOPact and ECOPactZERO are a substantial shift towards sustainable construction in Australia.”

For a structure like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, using ECOPact to achieve a 60% embodied carbon reduction is the equivalent of removing 14,700 cars off the road for one year, outlining its ability to significantly reduce emissions.

ECOPact and ECOPactZERO make it easy for customers to meet evolving tender requirements that stipulate embodied carbon reductions. 

Grant Hartwig, Co-owner of Cairns residential builder MyStyle Homes, says ECOPact is a product that will enable the company to ensure it is building homes mindfully and sustainably.

“We live and work with the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep. Climate change is the greatest threat to this region. It is critical for us as a business to lower our carbon footprint. Holcim is providing us with credible solutions to do this”. 

CEO and Co-Founder of Edge Environment, Jonas Bengtsson also gives the concrete a ringing endorsement.

“Holcim is a leader when it comes to providing technically robust, evidence-based solutions. ECOPact is another great example of their commitment to sustainability, backed by science,” he says.

Every ECOPact product is supported by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), that provides customers with the ability to understand the impact of the materials supplied into their projects.

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