The number of architects working outside of architecture practices has grown, possibly lured there by higher earnings.

According to a report from the Creative Industries Innovation Centre, architects working outside of practices in other areas such as construction or professional services have grown by 28 per cent since 2006.

Additionally, they are being paid 11.5 per cent more, on average, to work outside of architecture in ‘embedded’ industries, such as construction and manufacturing.

These ‘embedded’ architects are earning a weekly average of $1160 compared to $1126 for those working in firms.

By 2011, the most recent data available, shows there were a total of 34,620 architects employed in Australia with 13,546 employed in other industries, mostly construction.

Brisbane-based architect Richard Hadgraft, who works as a design manager for builder Watpac, said to the AFR he jumped over to the construction industry – “the dark side” – 10 years ago.

He says building contractors increasingly need to hire architects so the documentation received from consulting architects is of the standard to use in construction.

“There is a general deterioration of the skills. The standard of documents being produced by architects and engineers today is just going down all the time. If they don’t have good documentation, it costs us a lot of money,” he says.

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