Hassell has cut the ribbon on SEEK’s new global HQ, located in Melbourne’s foremost technology hub in Cremorne.

The flexible and versatile seeks to embody SEEK’s distinctive employee culture. Hassell Principal and Commercial & Workplace Sector Leader Ingrid Bakker says the new workplace puts the interests, character, and identity of SEEK’s current and future workforce at its core.

“Industry-leading strategy, architecture and workplace design come together in the new home of Australia’s leading employment marketplace. A non-traditional corporate office building, the workplace is designed to be a place that people love coming to work and also socialise in,” she says.

The building underlines SEEK’s progression as a method of assisting people in gaining employment. Collaboration isn’t invited within the space, it's implied.

“SEEK’s new home represents the fun and passion that all of our employees bring to work every day. SEEK has always put its people first and has a highly engaged workforce and an award-winning culture,” says Kendra Banks, Managing Director, SEEK ANZ.

“In thinking about our new home, enhancing our culture was our number one priority. As a result, we have created a modern workplace that is truly exciting.”

Hassell’s design seeks to mimic the modern day warehouse. The industrial heritage of Cremorne manufacturers is acknowledged amongst the building’s facade, with twin gabled roof forms complementing the nearby old school buildings with corium brick reflecting the local building’s colours and materials.

seek hassell cremorne

With 19,000 sqm of floorspace over seven stories, the building has purposely setback to remain mindful of neighbours to the west and south. The setback to the north provides a generous garden space for the occupants of the building and the local community.

The twin gabled buildings are conjoined at the hip, and stitched together by a light-filled atrium that rises from the floor to the roof. The central atrium activates and connects the highly flexible, open plan work floors via a sculptural timber staircase, whilst also encouraging worker connectivity and vertical connection both physically and visually. 

The ground floor is extremely versatile, with the 1000 person ‘town hall’ able to be sectioned depending on the requirements of SEEK and the wider community. SEEK’s workspaces sit above the ground floor, with each containing a hub/kitchen area. A unique social space sits on the seventh floor, offering views of Cremorne and beyond. An external terrace between the two peaks is designed for team activities or client events.

Sustainably speaking, solar panels are integrated on the roof in the same proportions as the windows so as to create a consistent façade. Internally, the building offers automatic daylight control and glare reduction, while maintaining maximum transparency, an abundance of fresh air and connection to the outside. Designed in consultation with Arup, the building has secured a 5-star Green Star rating, a NABERS Energy 5-star rating and a NABERS Indoor Environment 4.5 star rating.