Waverley Council has revealed its masterplan for the green overhaul of Bondi Junction.

Working in collaboration with Westfield, Leighton and Meriton, the masterplan lays out a roadmap for significantly improving the ecological performance of buildings in the area. Environmental targets specified by the council include a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions, a target of 75 percent recycled waste, and zero increase in water usage.

At present, Bondi Junction represents 37 percent of the Waverley Council area’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, 36 percent of community mains water use, and 11 percent of all waste collected by the council. The Green Infrastructure Master Plan looks at a variety of opportunities to reduce these statistics, covering building performance, infrastructure and policy.

“Waverley Council is committed to developing partnerships and identifying solutions to deliver our waste, water and energy targets,” reads the masterplan.

“[Our vision is to] demonstrate environmental excellence by delivering on ambitious environmental targets, through low-carbon energy and efficient waste and water management.”

The council roadmap sets out a 15-year plan implement new infrastructure, improve the performance of buildings, and develop policy to support the delivery of these initiatives. A focus on improving the efficiency of energy and water resources aims to reduce overall demand within the precinct, while wastewater solutions aim to increase recycling capacity, improve amenity and make collection processes more efficient.

The Waverley Council’s Green Infrastructure Master Plan for Bondi Junction can be read in full here.