The DesignInc Architects-designed Glenroy Community Hub has its sights set on achieving Passive House and Living Building Challenge Petal certifications upon completion later this year, in what will be a first for Australian community centres.

The $30m project was conceived with community consultation in mind, with Moreland City Council holding aspirations for the building to pursue the certifications, that reflect the Council's and community’s shared commitment to sustainable design.

The certifications measure environmental performance, but also factor in high comfort standards to ensure the health, happiness and wellbeing of visitors.

Stephen Webb, DesignInc Director, says the design echoes a lot of biophilic and sustainable design qualities.

“The design of the building focuses on reconnecting people with nature and providing natural experiences,” he says.

DesignInc were impressed by the mindset that the Moreland City Council brought to the project, and the desire to be a leader in sustainable projects throughout both Victoria and Australia.

“Every local council wants and should expect value for money from their projects, that is a given - but Moreland City Council set their sights higher, by expecting the project to be a catalyst for social change,” says Project Leader, DesignInc Associate Kieran Leong. 

“Through projects like this, Moreland City Council is showing true leadership in sustainable design.”

Both DesignInc and Moreland share a vision for the project as a strategic intervention to break the cycle of generational disadvantage. The idea that this project demonstrates how community buildings can lead to social transformation sits well with DesignInc’s belief that healthy buildings enable resilient communities.

With a focus on tackling disadvantage at the earliest age, the Glenroy Community Hub will offer positive pathways into education, health and wellbeing for residents, especially those with the odds stacked against them. Under one roof in a parkland setting, the hub will offer a range of family and children’s services to support, inspire and connect them.

A library, maternal and child health services, multipurpose spaces and a landscaped forecourt arbour are all key features of the centre, with DesignInc thoughtfully designing contemporary spaces with sustainable and modern practices in mind.

Over time it is hoped that Glenroy’s new heart will foster a healthier, more capable and more cohesive community.

The Glenroy Community Hub is due to be completed by mid-2021. For more information, click here.