A new Glenn Murcutt documentary will be screened on the ABC on 6 December, marking the architect’s first television appearance in many years.

According to director, Catherine Hunter, ‘Glenn Murcutt – Spirit of Place’ will explore the Pritzker Prize-winning Australian architect’s story and his recent work on the Newport Mosque.

“My hope is that people will get an understanding of the complexity of architecture which so often goes beyond the design process,” said Hunter.

“The lessons of Glenn’s work are pertinent to a design community but in a wider sense will show a community looking forward and seeking to put down deep roots in this country.”

“In that sense, I believe the film has an important message of tolerance and acceptance that is both timely and relevant in today's Australia, in fact in today's world.”

Despite being a source of inspiration for many young Australian designers, Murcutt is rarely seen or heard from in the public domain and Hunter says this series will be great viewing for fans of his work.

“He believes in operating below the radar and always has,” explains Hunter. “It was an early lesson from his oft-quoted father and he also prefers not to talk about projects while they are still being built — there is the sense that failure is quite possibly just around the corner!” 

 ‘Glenn Murcutt – Spirit of Place’ will air on the ABC at 9.30pm.