Australia and Hong Kong-based company G-pod have designed a shipping container home that they claim can be expanded to nearly three times its original size.

The ‘Dwell’ structure uses a patented combination of pull-out sections and a fold-down covered deck to increase the usable floor space from 14.8 square metres to 37.1 square metres.

A push-button hydraulic system and spring compensator system are incorporated into the design to assist with the expanding process.

According to G-pod, Dwell takes three hours to be "unpacked" from a shipping container into a home and can be easily transported using existing global infrastructure.

Inside, the dwelling incorporates a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bed, couch, study nook and a laundry area, with furniture built from sustainably-sourced bamboo.    

The unit can operate on or off-grid and optional extras include a rainwater collection unit, composting toilet and solar array.

Various glazing, insulation and screening options are also available depending on the building’s location and intended use.

The Dwell is currently in production, and is expected to hit the market in the very near future.

Courtesy G-pod & Gizmag. Images: Sparks Architects.