Open House Melbourne is once again opening up some of Melbourne’s finest buildings for Victorians over the 26-27 July weekend.

Victorians will be able to inspect around 100 buildings during the free Open House weekend, according to Planning Minister Matthew Guy.

Open House Melbourne is a not-for-profit organisation that has been running this free event for six years; it has grown significantly from eight buildings and 30,000 visitors in 2008 to 109 buildings and almost 130,000 visitors in 2013. This year’s event will feature around 100 buildings including nearly 30 new sites.

Mr Guy commented that the Victorian Coalition Government was delighted to be associated with this event, which is widely embraced by Melburnians and to help open even more doors this year. Buildings such as Scots Church, Parliament and Government House are part of Open House Melbourne this year and offer a great opportunity for people to get out and discover how architecture and urban design contributes to Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Above: new views of the city from Melbourne Central’s glass cone and shot tower will be explored during the event. Image: Ali C Photography

Mr Guy explains that great cities don’t just happen; they require planning for transport, water storage, parks and social services. Melbourne’s architecture, urban design and heritage make an important contribution to the liveability of the city and the wellbeing of its residents.

Above: Young and Jackson Hotel will be opened to the public. Image: State Library

This year’s event also features new buildings and sites including the Argus, Government House and Young and Jackson Hotel, as well as working infrastructure such as the Spencer Street Sub-Station, and new views of the city from Melbourne Central’s glass cone and shot tower.

Above: The Argus will open it's doors to Open Melbourne participants
Below: Melbourne's Government House will see visitors exploring it's architecture during the event.

As part of the Open House program, Mr Guy has even thrown open the doors of 1 Spring Street, the home of the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.