Modular building company Fleetwood Limited has announced the securing of a building contract for the 1000-bed Centre for National Resilience in Melbourne. 

The building, which will effectively be a quarantine facility for Australians returning home from overseas, will offset the need for hotel quarantine. The modular buildings will support a number of citizens, including individuals, couples and families.

With an impressive modular construction portfolio, Fleetwood has supplied a number of education, health, custodial, mining and affordable housing buildings to the Australian built environment. Fleetwood has been chosen as one of several suppliers of the buildings for the Centre, after the Federal Government established a panel of providers alongside Multiplex, the project’s principal contractor.

Under the subcontract arrangement, Fleetwood will utilise its manufacturing facilities in Victoria and
Queensland to build modular accommodation units as part of Multiplex’s plans to deliver the first 500
beds by the end of 2021. 

centre for national resilience melbourne renders

Fleetwood CEO, Bruce Nicholson, says the company is excited to be involved in the construction of the project.

“Fleetwood is delighted to be playing a key role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and
Australia’s road to recovery,” he says.

“This is an outstanding outcome for the company and highlights the strengths of using innovative offsite manufacturing to deliver highly effective and efficient products with strong sustainability credentials.

“Our staff and shareholders should also be very proud that their company, in this partnership with
the Commonwealth, is helping deliver the solution for Australians to return to a normal way-of-life.

“We are also confident that this contract will bode well for opportunities to take part in subsequent
expansions and new facility builds that are being proposed.”

The company is expected to pocket approximately $32 million in revenue from the project. The Centre for National Resilience, located in Mickleham, will be built and owned by the Federal Government and will be operated by the Victorian Government for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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