Minnesotan engineer Andrey Rundenko has completed the world’s first 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard.

Inspired by the capabilities of 3D printing technology, Rundenko began developing his own 3D printer two years ago, which he intended to use to construct disaster-withstanding homes.

He shifted his efforts to creating the life-size castle, researching, experimenting and independently funding every specification of the project.

After trial and error, Rudenko printed the castle from 10-millimetre high layers of concrete that measure 30 millimetres in width, with rebars in the bottom and top walls.

The walls of the fortress, as well as three tops of the towers, were fabricated separately and amassed into the single, free-standing structure.

Rundenko is now looking for collaborators and backers for his new project, which involves 3D printing a full-scale livable home in one go.

Courtesy Architizer