New lookout facilities are planned for Shipwreck Coast’s 12 Apostles and Loch Ard precincts, along with a pedestrian bridge to be constructed over Port Campbell Creek. McGregor Coxall has been appointed as the landscape architect, while Arup will provide engineering services.

McGregor Coxall's design for a new lookout at the 12 Apostles. Image: McGregor Coxall

“The Saddle lookout at the 12 Apostles is distinctive and dramatic, perched on top of the cliffs, to fully experience the scale and drama of the magnificent landscape,” says McGregor Coxall.

“Unashamedly angular and artificial, the lookout consists of two tilted ‘blocks’, one resting on the ground and the other cantilevering out over the cliffs, almost in defiance of nature.

“The visitor journey extends through a series of shallow ramps within, over and around the lookout, maximising perimeter and providing varied viewpoints for crowds to enjoy views of the world-renowned coastline. The initial experience is unsettling, bringing visitors in on a high point and creating an unexpected shift by leaning the form over on its side. 

“As one descends, the view to the 12 Apostles is revealed and the visitor feels exposed on the edge of the world, before entering a partly-enclosed all-weather environment with narrow slots, framing the panorama of ocean, cliffs and sky. The journey allows for layers of narrative, telling the diverse stories of the traditional owners.” 

The Loch Ard Blowhole lookout is planned to be discreetly nestled among the coastal vegetation on the edge of the blowhole, hidden from the approaching paths to provide a surprising and thrilling experience. 

The Port Campbell Creek pedestrian bridge will sit lightly above water and sand, minimising its visual and physical impact upon both the landscape and the town.