Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre, designed by Cumulus Studio for Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Services, was named the winner in two categories at the 2021 Architizer A+ Awards.

The ninth edition of Architizer A+ Awards received over 5,000 entries from more than 100 countries worldwide. Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre won the award in two categories: Cultural > Cultural & Expo Centres, and Transportation > Transportation Infrastructure.

Designed to create a meaningful visitor experience at the iconic Cradle Mountain national park, the visitor centre is part of the masterplan for the precinct, and was completed in 2020 in the first stage of the development.

“As a studio we are really proud of what has been accomplished at Cradle Mountain. A huge amount of effort has gone into the Gateway Project, which was developed over six years ago through design from the initial masterplan through the construction to the opening in 2020 during Covid restrictions. We feel that the project is highly significant to the state’s visitor economy and accentuates one of Tasmania’s most significant natural tourism destinations,” Cumulus director Peter Walker observed.

“We are pleased that our dedication to honour the significance and sensitivity of this world-renowned national park has been recognised, and that the jury could see the design reflecting the distinctive Cradle Mountain geology with its raw exterior unwinding into a warm, soft, delicate timber lining,” he said.

According to the Cumulus team, the inspiration for the project’s concept came from the endemic snow gums (eucalyptus coccifera) whose draped canopy creates an interstitial space that provides protection to underlying flora and wildlife. Similarly, the visitor centre is split into core and canopy.

“The canopy was conceived as a protective veil that shelters the user while enabling a raw authentic experience of the alpine setting,” Walker elaborated.

“We are so thankful to all of the people who made the project the success that it is… from the multidisciplinary design team who worked collaboratively on this unique design solution throughout the project, to Fairbrother builders on delivering a beautifully crafted building despite sometimes testing weather conditions. In particular we are also thankful to all of the team at Tasmania Parks and Wildlife, our client for their support and trust in us,” he added.

Photos: Anjie Blair