Following strong opposition from local residences, a proposed four-storey boarding house in Cronulla has had its Development Application refused by local council.

Sutherland Shire Council’s Local Planning Panel voted unanimously against the building, which was to be located on Searl Road if it was given the green light.

A statement by the panel indicated that “the design of the development is not compatible with the character of the local area.”

"The panel also believes that the development did not respond to the recommendations of the Design Review Forum Panel which has resulted in a poor architecture design response for the site," a statement reads.

Sutherland Council received 153 submissions in response to the proposed DA. While the developer made changes to the existing application, the project was still rejected. 

The boarding house was to comprise 30 rooms across four storeys, with two levels of underground parking. 

In addition to the statement, the planning panel has indicated the building would’ve impacted a number of amenities for neighbouring properties, in terms of visual and aural privacy, as well as overshadowing. The proposed development was believed to be of an unacceptable density, with an excessive amount of tenants, leading to a raft of potential issues.

In addition, many design elements of the building were unresolved, with the servicing functions detracting from the external appearance of the boarding house itself. Information provided in regards to car stackers and minimum accommodation sizings for the rooms within the building was not to standard.

The size of the site the building was to be built upon meant there was inadequate capacity for appropriate setbacks, and is not in keeping with the existing or anticipated character of the immediate area.