London-based architecture collective Assemble hand made their own colourful tiles to clad the front of a collaborative workplace for artists and designers.

Located in Sugarhouse Yard, East London, the Yardhouse studio was designed as a demonstration of the way pop-up workplaces can be used to temporarily fill sites with short-term vacancies.

The studio was constructed using a simple wooden post and beam structure and a simple off-the-shelf cladding system.

A random assortment of Assemble’s unique concrete tiles was used to cover the façade of the Yardhouse and liven up the public space in front of it.

Inside the building, 16 studios have been arranged around the edge of the 12 by 12 metre space, with a double-height atrium running down the middle. 

No internal partitions have been included in the design to allow each space to be adapted for different uses and to encourage a sociable and collaborative work environment.

By utilizing non-specialist methods of construction and with the support of the London Legacy Development Corporation, Assemble was able to deliver the Yardhouse for just under $1.5 million AUD.

Courtesy Dezeen