Shelter Brewery is a sustainable commercial brewery located in Busselton, Western Australia. Designed by Paul Burnham Architect, the 1418m² brewery sits comfortably on the Busselton foreshore at the foot of the iconic mile-long jetty on a site with a rich history.

Shelter Brewery is much more than a craft brewery as the property hosts a massive hospitality venue that can seat 650 guests. Built sustainably, the architecture is centred on the working brewery, with its storage, milling, brewing and canning facilities contained within the site, and the hospitality and public spaces wrapped around the brewing process to enhance the guest’s experience.

The steel framed building is clad in Corten steel, combining economy with speed of construction. The design celebrates the property’s beachside location, with the venue layered to offer different types of spaces to suit larger gatherings as well as smaller groups.

Passive solar principles dominate the design of the north-facing building. With the unrelenting Australian sun journeying between a low 35˚ winter solstice to a near-vertical 80˚ summer peak, the architect has incorporated large north-facing glazed areas and wide verandas in the building to provide comprehensive sun shading during the hot summers and deep sun penetration in the winter.

Large openable doors and floor-to-ceiling windows not only flood the interiors with natural light and provide beautiful views of the jetty but also deliver natural ventilation in the space by maximising the entry of sea breeze. A 100-kilowatt solar power system meets up to 80 per cent of the energy requirements of Shelter Brewery.

Photographs: Robert Frith