Built Irongate JV, a joint venture between Built and Irongate Group, has lodged a Stage 1 State Significant Development Application (Stage 1 SSDA) for the redevelopment of a luxury hotel mixed use project at 52 Phillip Street and the adjacent heritage-listed building at 50 Phillip Street.

The proposed development seeks to integrate the Built Irongate JV-owned 52 Phillip Street and the NSW Government-owned 50 Phillip Street to deliver a new luxury hotel. An important aspect of the proposal concerns the careful heritage preservation and adaptive reuse of 50 Phillip Street, currently owned and occupied by the NSW Government. The heritage building will be carefully restored to its original spatial character while new work will interpret the features and detailing of the original finishes utilising Built’s unique skills in the restoration and refurbishment of heritage buildings.

Built Irongate JV has engaged Graham Brooks, an internationally recognised specialist in Cultural Heritage Management and Cultural Tourism policy for the project. Brooks has previously been commissioned by NSW Government to develop the Conservation Management Plan for the property.

Built CEO and managing director, Brett Mason says, “This development represents a unique opportunity to give these buildings new life and make them accessible for locals and tourists, increasing public use and foot traffic. Our plans for a luxury hotel mixed-use development will do this while preserving the important history of 50 Phillip Street that reflect the unique nineteenth century architecture of the former NSW colony. This history will be restored, conserved and opened to the people of NSW in our development for the first time.”

On completion, the proposed hotel is expected to draw both local and international visitors, boosting tourism in the precinct. 

The proposal consists of three major components: the adaptive reuse of the NSW Government-owned 50 Phillip Street under a 99-year lease, a new podium infill building at the Built Irongate JV-owned 52 Phillip Street and a new tower at 52 Phillip Street, partially cantilevering over 50 Phillip Street to preserve the heritage structure. The proposed project will offer about 240 hotel rooms, podium food and beverage and retail offerings, a rooftop pool, spa and wellness centre as well as 16 high-end hotel branded residences.

The new slender tower at 52 Phillip Street will house suites for the hotel along with the 16 branded residences, which will address the growing demand for high quality property in Sydney.