The InsulLiving house has been awarded an eight-star energy rating in an independent assessment of its energy efficiency.

A recent assessment conducted by Queensland energy ratings business Q-Bears showed the house exceeds the thermal efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

While the concept of insulated panels has been extensively used in commercial building projects, Bondor has developed InsulWall specifically for residential applications.

Used in conjunction with its widely accepted SolarSpan roofing panel, it forms a complete insulated housing system.

The house is being developed at the Brisbane-based headquarters of Bondor and will be officially opened in April 2011.

Bondor general manager Geoff Marsdon said: “We’re thrilled with the result because a primary aim of the development is to make an eight plus star dwelling within the reach of every residential market in Australia.

He said the house looks no different to a traditional new home and can be built according to a wide range of design specifications, from conventional to cutting edge.

The design of the interlocking panels will also make the houses much quicker and simpler to build, with significantly less reliance on trades, which is beneficial in regional areas.

“The aim of the house is to reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling while at the same time significantly cutting the home's operating costs. Being awarded an eight-star rating under the Building Energy Rating Scheme shows just how robust this new system is,” Marsden said.

“We’re looking forward to officially opening the house for inspection for industry professionals, before welcoming the first tenants in the second half of 2011.”

Recent research conducted by the Queensland University of Technology found as a complete walling and roofing solution, the system costs up to 50 per cent less per square metre than other construction methods and averaged a nine per cent cost saving to the overall build cost of an standard house.