NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has pledged $1.15 billion to Bradfield, Sydney’s future third CBD, as the government looks to commence building in the region.

The majority of the funding set aside for the city will be used for utilities, infrastructure and the remediation of the site over four years. The government believes the initial funding — to be included in the next state budget — will pave roads, construct waterways and roads, and create electricity networks.

Berejiklian holds great aspirations for the city, and echoed these in a press conference on Tuesday.

"These grasslands behind us will become the advanced manufacturing capital not just of NSW, but of our nation," she says.

"Once the buildings are up, once the major organisations locally and internationally are here working away, thousands and thousands of jobs will be created."


The government hopes to attract both national and international manufacturing and engineering firms to invest within the city. It also believes advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defence, agri-business, pharma, freight and logistics, health and education businesses will look to invest within the city.

Situated in Sydney’s south-west in close proximity to Western Sydney Airport, the 115 hectare site will be 60 percent the size of the Sydney CBD, which is being billed as Australia’s first 22nd century city.

Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres says the announcement in funding is a major milestone for the city, and the jobs that it will provide to people within the state, particularly those that reside within the region.

"We want the best jobs closer to where people live," he says. 

"We want to say to anyone around the world if you want to work in a technology, an engineering, or an advanced manufacturing role then you need to be considering Bradfield as your place to live, work and raise your family."

A $23 million shared-use facility has also been promised by the government, that will allow research institutions the access to high tech equipment for certain projects. 

The NSW Government estimates that Bradfield will create approximately 200,000 jobs for the state.