International research shows a timber floor adds commercial value to a property.

The results of the US research by the National Wood Flooring Association of America illustrates a significant increase in the popularity of installing hardwood timber floors in residential properties for this reason.

According to the founder and managing director of Sydney Flooring, a similar pattern has evolved in the Australian timber flooring industry.

"Australians are typically at the forefront of global design trends and their perceptions and attitudes towards timber floors mirror the U.S. trends," Durkowyak says.

"Sydney Flooring has seen a significant number of consumers wanting to install timber floors simply to improve the resale value of their home."

Seventy five per cent of US real estate agents and brokers said hardwood floors influenced a home’s saleability to a great extent - compared to 44 per cent in a previous survey and 90 per cent said homes with hardwood floors would sell for more money - as opposed to 58 per cent in the earlier survey.

Aesthetics, environmental sustainability, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance and health concerns were cited as the most prominent reasons US real estate agents and brokers gave for the increased value attached to timber flooring.

"Additionally timber flooring is often selected for its perceived health benefits. With allergy concerns at a peak, consumers look to timber as a healthier option to, say, carpet, due to the timber’s inability to harbour dust mite particles," Durkowyak says.