Blue Eco Homes has launched the first Certified Passive House in the NSW Blue Mountains. A display home, it will be open to the public for Sustainable House Day on September 15, 2019.

According to the company, ‘The Sapphire’ is one of the most energy-efficient houses in NSW, as well as one of the most bushfire-resilient.

“Passive House offers an entirely new way of building a home,” says Joe Mercieca, co-owner of Blue Eco Homes.

“It moves beyond minimum building requirements and looks to the future. A future where we rise to the challenge of building smarter, longer lasting homes that are healthy, energy efficient and incredibly comfortable.

“The Sapphire is a truly unique house that relies on building physics, location climate data and carefully integrated minimal building services and technology.”

High performance glazing, insulation and an airtight building ensures the home’s internal temperature is constantly kept at a comfortable level ranging from 20-25 degrees with minimal reliance on artificial heating or cooling.

The ventilation system brings filtered clean air throughout the house so there is no build-up of CO2 inside, which is good for people with respiratory issues. It is also carbon neutral and 90 percent more energy efficient than a traditional home, according to Blue Eco Homes.

“It’s been a real challenge to get The Sapphire to certification level; there are lots of boxes to tick,” says Mercieca.

“In Australia there are only 17 other Certified Passive Houses and we are already planning to build more.”

The Sapphire is the first Certified Passive House built to Bushfire Attack Level Flame Zone (BAL-FZ) regulations, the highest bushfire risk rating in Australia. Built as a display home, it is the first Passive House with the ability to be replicated.

The Sapphire will be open to the general public via booking on September 15 for Sustainable House Day. Click here for more information.

Image credit: Blue Eco Homes