More than 90 events have been organised in New South Wales for the Australian Heritage Festival, which was launched by Special Minister of State, and Minister for the Public Service and Employee Relations, Aboriginal Affairs, and the Arts and the Minister for Heritage, the Hon. Don Harwin via video on 18 April 2021, also the World Heritage Day.

Known as International Monuments and Sites Day, World Heritage Day is celebrated across Australia and internationally on 18 April every year. The date marks the commencement of the Australian Heritage Festival which, in New South Wales includes the National Trust Heritage Awards ceremony taking place this year on Thursday 13 May. In New South Wales, both initiatives are run by the National Trust (NSW) and proudly supported by the NSW Government through the Heritage Council of NSW.

The theme for this year’s Australian Heritage Festival is ‘Our Heritage for the Future’ with over 90 events presented by community groups, galleries, museums and libraries in New South Wales. More than 400 events will be held nationally during the course of the festival, which runs from 18 April to 17 May 2021.

“We have seen over the past 12 months how important connections to people, identity, and community are. So it’s time to go visit our treasured heritage sites and delight in their history,” Minister Harwin observed.

“I am proud to support the Australian Heritage Festival taking place across New South Wales in 2021. It is particularly exciting this year to see so many events celebrating our built, natural and diverse cultural heritage in light of the past 12 months.”

In New South Wales, the National Trust, the official organiser of the Australian Heritage Festival across Australia, will be celebrating the commencement of the festival, World Heritage Day and its 75th Anniversary with a special event called ‘Earth & Sky’ at Old Government House in Parramatta.

“I will be celebrating the commencement of the Australian Heritage Festival and the National Trust’s 75th Anniversary at Old Government House,” said Debbie Mills, CEO of the National Trust (NSW). “Being at this World Heritage-listed site in Parramatta and marking this significant milestone for the National Trust really exemplifies the ongoing importance of conserving and celebrating our heritage for the whole community.”

View the full program of Australian Heritage Festival events taking place in New South Wales.