A super slender 60-storey residential tower has been proposed as a way to revitalise Melbourne’s science hub. 

Dubbed ‘Magic’, the tower “will push building technology to the limit and reinforce Melbourne’s leadership in science and liveability”, according to the Royal Society of Victoria, who have proposed the new tower.

“Magic, at 1 Victoria Street, will be the most innovative, most sustainable, tallest possible ‘reach for the stars’ proposition that we can create,” says Dylan Brady, the architect who developed the concept for the tower.

“It will be driven by the world-leading Victorian science expertise in the built environment. It will demonstrate ingenuity, cutting-edge sustainable technologies and be an iconic marker to Melbourne and our status as Australia’s science capital.”

The Royal Society of Victoria received around 30 different applications from design companies, architecture firms and general members of the public. The successful application was the only one that included a financial plan, however. 

According to Brady, the tower has been designed to be as high as possible to create as much wealth as possible, with the apartments being aimed at individuals with high net worth. 

At 330m high, the proposed tower will be 7.5m taller than Australia’s current tallest building, the Gold Coast’s Q1.