An interactive, tree-like network of LEDs designed by Atmos Studio is redefining musical performances at London’s Camden Roundhouse venue.

Titled ‘Arboreal Lightning’, the illuminated form responds to sound and gesture inputs, generating dynamic lighting effects to complement each show.

The installation reflects the Roundhouse’s structural layout, with 24 strands of LEDs growing from a central trunk on the stage and contouring the architectural colonnade and arches to create an array of sweeping branches.

A few strands bow down to reach the audience, who can then trigger their own lighting reactions.

The light canopy measures 1,500 metres in total length and is made up of 4,800 pixel nodes.

The project was initially undertaken to complement the four-day ‘Reverb Festival of Contemporary Classical Music’, aimed at showcasing technological innovations.

The piece was commissioned in part by musician Imogen Heap, and will complement her on an upcoming year-long world tour.

Courtesy Designboom