A Wood Marsh-designed house in Toorak, Victoria has sold for a record $26.25 million, $4 million shy of its target.

The house, which includes an underground private art gallery and basement, and two storeys of living space, was the home of Lawyer and property developer Daniel Besen and cost a reported $20 million to build.

It tops the $24 million spent on another Toorak mansion designed by Casper Architecture & Design in June, and the price record of $26 million set in 2010 with the purchase of the Portsea cliff-top mansion Ilyuka, designed by Harry Norris in the 1920s.

Images: Domain

Toorak House also features a striking bowl-shaped, doubly-curved roof. It was designed with Wood Marsh’s guidance by AR-MA and roof fabricator, Craft Metals. It includes over 1,800 uninique zinc panels and over 500 plywood elements.

Stay tuned for a write up on the project in the January edition of Infolink|Building Products News.