Arcadis, has been recognised as an Employer of Choice for gender equality, by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) for the third year consecutively.

The WGEA EOCGE is a voluntary citation that publicly recognises an organisation’s commitment to gender equality through strong or influential actions.

This year’s eligibility criteria placed an emphasis on accountability, outcomes, evidence and internal reporting processes. Arcadis is one of 119 organisations in Australia to receive this citation.

Malcolm McDowall, CEO Australia Pacific, Arcadis says, “I’m very proud to lead an organisation that has once again been recognised by WGEA as an employer of choice for gender equality.”

“Arcadis will continue to strive to make positive progress across a series of focused initiatives that genuinely seek to provide a fair and equitable workplace for all.”

Amy Baxendale, HR Director Australia Pacific, Arcadis says, “Our vision for gender equality focusses on promoting a culture that enables increased female participation in the workplace. As an organisation, we champion gender diversity to help create teams with a mix of idea, viewpoints and insight.”

“Arcadis has demonstrated their commitment to drive change both internally and within the industry via policies and practices [like ‘FlaxAble’, ongoing gender pay-gap analysis and gender equality surveys to inform inclusion actions],” according to a statement by Arcadis.