A new “all-in-one” personal 3D scanner and printer has reached Australian shores and its retailer is promising that it will streamline the process of scanning and printing in 3D.

Da Vinci 1.0 AiO has been made available by Multimedia Technology (MMT) who suggest that the scanner/printer has been equipped with the most precise consumer-grade 3D scanning system in the market which will mean no additional software and expertise is required to scan and print a model in 3D.

“The superior built-in scanners of the 1.0 AiO printer can capture an object’s image within five minutes, thanks to its speedy scan algorithm,” says MMT.

The scanner is powered by XYZprinting’s Smart-fix technology that repairs incomplete scanning output automatically which theoretically means less time is wasted readying a model for print in another software program.

 Printing files can be stored in the XYZprinting software program as .das (ready to edit) or .stl format (ready to print) and the printer uses ABS / PLA filament material.

The machine will be priced at MSRP $1,299inc GST and will become available in April 2015.