The ACT government continues to resist adopting the new national building standards, claiming the building industry needs more time to adjust.

Meanwhile, all other states and territories signed up to the 2019 Building Code of Australia on May 1.

The ACT government will delay the adoption of the code until September 1, 2019.

This year’s building code update declares new requirements for fire sprinklers in apartment buildings four storeys and higher, revised energy efficiency targets for commercial blocks and further provisions for the management of condensation.

The ACT government felt the time between the building code preview (February 2019) and the sign-up date was too short, according to a statement from the minister for building quality improvement, Gordon Ramsay. He further clarified that this was not enough time for owners and practitioners to alter designs for already-planned projects.

“It does not provide a practicable transition for projects for which an application for a development approval has been made but not determined, or for a development approval that has been granted but there is no building approval,” reads the statement.

Many of ACT’s construction bodies were unaware that the government would be delaying the signing of the new code, prompting criticism of the government’s communication, especially considering the current issues in ACT’s building industry.

There is currently an inquiry being held regarding Access Canberra’s lax attitude towards building quality, following the shut down of many building sites due to poor quality work.