A chair designed by Zaha Hadid that can be 3-D printed on demand was amongst the innovative products on exhibit at the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture’s (ACADIA) 2014 conference.

Held last week in Los Angeles, California, the conference invited designers such as Hadid, Alvin Huang, Francis Bitoni, Jose Sanchez and Jenny Wu to produce intricate furniture, fashion and interactive games in collaboration with 3-D-printing specialists Stratasys. 

Hadid, who was the keynote speaker at the event, explored the possibilities of using large-scale multi-material 3-D printing for on-demand production, employing the technique to create a lightweight chair.

The chair was formed on an Objet500 Connex3 3-D-printer, which is able to print in a variety of densities, textures, colours and opacities.

Architect Alvin Huang of LA studio Synthesis Design also created a seat for the exhibition using the multi-material printing technology.

His ‘Durotaxis Chair’ doubles as an ovoid rocker and horizontal lounge seat and is made from a tightly packed 3-D printed mesh.

Pixellated rainbow shoes by New York fashion designer Francis Bitonti, a jewellery range by Jenny Wu and a game developed by Jose Sanchez that allows players to combine hundreds of independent units to create intricate pieces for printing were also showcased at the conference.

For over 30 years the ACADIA annual international conference has celebrated the role of computation in architecture, planning, and building science as well as design creativity, sustainability, and education.

Durotaxis Chair by Alvin Huang

Molecule shoes by Francis Bitonti

3D-printed necklace by Jenny Wu

The Polyomino by Jose Sanchez

Courtesy Dezeen and ACADIA